Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)

Broken hearts and families

Did you know more than three women are murdered by their intimate partners, each day in America on average?

Domestic violence and family violence do not discriminate. Anyone can be a victim or perpetrator of domestic and family violence, regardless of their circumstances, gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status—making it one of the most costly and pervasive problems in the United States.

Domestic violence includes behaviors that evoke fear in the victim, prevent them from behaving the way they desire, and force them to behave in ways they do not wish.

At Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC, we offer a State Certified 24-week family violence intervention program (FVIP) that addresses these abusive behaviors using the Duluth Power and Control Model. We seek to replace controlling behaviors such as intimidation, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, threats and coercion, exercising male privilege, isolation, using the children, and blame with tools of non-violence and equality. We also offer domestic violence counseling online.

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Get the help your family needs

Domestic violence is often the source of several childhood traumas that stay with an individual for a long time, slowly working to jeopardize all intimate relationships they formulate in their life. It manifests in the form of sexual abuse, physical harm, as well as psychological abuse—and it’s often the survivors who end up blaming themselves.

Domestic violence destroys families and if you’ve been subjected to it, it’s important to get professional help, to sort through the effects of family violence, power, and control.

If you see your family falling apart because of this pervasive issue, get the help you need by getting in touch with the professionals through family violence classes at Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC in Winder. We offer Family Violence Intervention Programs that help perpetrators of violence shed their abusive characteristics.

Our State Certified 24-week family violence intervention program (FVIP) follows strict intervention guidelines outlined by the state of Georgia, which allows us to help individuals understand the dynamics of power and control in relationships so that they can overcome their abusive traits.