The ASAM Level 1 treatment program is also referred to as “outpatient treatment services.” It is an organized form of non-residential treatment, where patients get to interact with clinicians and addiction professionals. They’re provided with alcohol and drug treatment that’s both state-approved and professionally directed through regularly scheduled sessions. Patients can continue going about their regular activities but are required to show up to the sessions as per schedule. This generally means committing 3 hours per week for the ASAM substance abuse.

ASAM Level 1 is a relatively low-intensity treatment program. It includes an initial evaluation and screening, after which the alcohol and drug use professional devises a treatment plan for the patient. This may incorporate therapy, medication, as well as other forms of treatment. The patient has to follow-up regularly based on the number of sessions they’ve been assigned to attend. The outpatient services are available for both adults and adolescents.

ASAM Level 1 is the most suitable treatment program for individuals who:

  • Have recently been referred to the program from a more intensive treatment
  • Have a less severe substance use disorder
  • Are or have been stable for an extended period

The outpatient services offered in this treatment program are conducted at our office. We offer the PRI Prime Solutions curriculum. The sessions are conducted by treatment professionals who have the experience and expertise to deliver these services. Participants may undergo various forms of group therapy and motivational enhancement.

The ultimate goal of the ASAM Level 1 outpatient treatment program is to help participants alter their perceptions and behaviors regarding substance use. It aims to address the issues that may potentially affect how they cope in life without using the addictive substance, and helps in eliminating their addictive behaviors.

Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC, provides a 6 to 52-week program as part of its ASAM Level 1 Alcohol and Drug Treatment. Participants are required to attend a minimum of two groups per week after getting an initial evaluation.

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