According to statistics for 2016, the crime rate in Winder was higher than the overall crime rate in Georgia. Shoplifting was one of the most frequently committed crimes that resulted in the offenders getting fined, detained, and being assigned court-mandated shoplifting prevention sessions.

Theft cessation or shoplifting addiction treatment courses in Winder, GA are designed to help individuals who have a tendency to engage in this criminal activity and have previously been convicted of shoplifting. They serve as restorative justice programs for first-time offenders as well as those who’ve been convicted more than once. The aim is to provide shoplifters with a second chance by making them realize the long-term consequences their actions have, and helping them learn preventative strategies.

If left unchecked, shoplifting can soon become an addiction. In fact, shoplifters are likely to get away with their behavior several times until they finally get caught. The practice gets addictive if shoplifters continue stealing without having to face any sort of negative consequences. As the cycle continues, they’re also likely to put themselves in more dangerous situations. They may even gradually begin participating in other criminal activities, which can have alarming consequences.

This is precisely why shoplifting courses online in Winder, GA are necessary. They focus on the underlying issues that may be causing one to steal, help individuals gain a deeper insight into their behavior, and promote strategies to prevent shoplifting and risky behaviors in the future. During the sessions, you’ll learn about communication and decision-making skills, self-esteem, and moral development. You’ll also gain greater self-awareness and will be able to use emotional intelligence to prevent shoplifting or other similar behaviors.

At Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC, Valerie Wood, LCSW, C-CATODSW, ACSW, provides shoplifting prevention course in Winder, GA for in-person clients. Our program aims to:

  • Help clients identify and understand your triggers
  • Promote preventative strategies
  • Promote self-awareness & self-control
  • Enhance social skills and self-esteem
  • Help change perceptions, values, and thought processes
  • Assist in preventing and eliminating shoplifting behavior
  • Provide a safe & non-judgmental environment
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