Substance use and addiction have severe implications on a person’s life. These don’t just affect them alone, but also their loved ones. An individual who struggles with alcohol or drug addiction is likely to experience financial instability, medical complications, psychological and emotional distress, and social withdrawal. The problem arises when their substance use gets out of control, causing them to engage in activities that threaten their well-being as well as that of their loved ones.

If you reach a point when substance use seems to have escalated beyond your control, it’s recommended that you get a clinical drug abuse evaluation and alcohol addiction help. Some individuals are also mandated this assessment by the court, based on their existing record. This is typically First Offender DUI, Multiple Offender DUI, or Habitual Offender DUI. Regardless of whether you go in for a clinical alcohol and drug evaluation by choice or through some sort of intervention, the process can help you in many ways.

A Clinical alcohol evaluation is conducted by Valerie Wood, LCSW, C-CATODSW, ACSW, who is a state certified Clinical Evaluator. The Clinical Evaluation is used to determine the degree of an individual’s misuse or abuse of alcohol or drugs. It helps understand the extent of their problem and/or addiction. A state certified Clinical Evaluation also helps in devising a treatment program that offers the best chance of recovery for individuals.

A clinical evaluation is a one-on-one session between a state certified clinical evaluator and the client. Here, the individual is asked certain questions, provides personal details, and discusses their drinking or substance use habits. The information gathered by the clinical evaluator is then used to formulate a report to determine whether there is a need for further treatment.

Through the evaluation, substance use professionals:

  • Assess whether the individual has an addiction or substance use problem
  • Determine the extent of this addiction/substance use
  • Assess how this affects the individual’s life
  • Evaluate any other co-existing conditions the person may have
  • Provide a treatment plan for recovery

Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC, provides several outpatient treatment options as part of its alcohol and drug evaluation program. Our licensed therapist, Valerie Wood, LCSW, C-CATODSW, ACSW, conducts a Clinical Substance Abuse Evaluation to determine what the appropriate level of care should be. We offer a state-approved Level 1 Alcohol and Drug Treatment program.

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