Anger Management

There are a few weak moments in our lives where our anger gets the better of us. Anger is a primal human emotion that is evoked, when we feel violated or believe our needs are not being met. Pent-up anger can push anyone over the edge, and before you know it,

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Family Violence Intervention Program

Did you know more than three women are murdered by their intimate partners, each day in America on average? Domestic violence and family violence do not discriminate. Anyone can be a victim or perpetrator of domestic and family violence,

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ASAM Level 1 Alcohol and Drug Treatment

The ASAM Level 1 treatment program is also referred to as “outpatient treatment services.” It is an organized form of non-residential treatment, where patients get to interact with clinicians and addiction professionals.

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Clinical Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Substance use and addiction have severe implications on a person’s life. These don’t just affect them alone, but also their loved ones. An individual who struggles with alcohol or drug addiction is likely to experience financial instability,

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Mental Health Evaluation

A mental health evaluation (also known as a mental health assessment) is a way for Licensed Mental Health Professionals to determine the patient’s emotional state, thinking patterns, reasoning capabilities, and memory.

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Individual, Couples,& Family Counseling

Counseling helps individuals address their psychological, emotional, and relational needs. From helping against one’s mental illness or grief to providing counseling for their relationships…

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Anxiety Treatment

Everyone feels anxious now and then, because they dread being in a stressful situation—such as, problems at work or perhaps a failing marriage. For some people, anxiety comes and goes and the effects of it are brief. However, for many people…

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Depression Treatment

Have you ever wondered what causes Major Depression or Clinical Depression? Depression is an extremely complex disease. No one knows exactly what causes it, but it can occur for a variety of reasons. Some people experience depression, due to a major medical illness.

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Shoplifting Prevention “Choices” Course

According to statistics for 2016, the crime rate in Winder was higher than the overall crime rate in Georgia. Shoplifting was one of the most frequently committed crimes that resulted in the offenders getting fined,

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