3 Things to Remind Yourself of When You Feel the Urge to Drink Again
3 Things to Remind Yourself of When You Feel the Urge to Drink Again

Resisting the urge to drink again is something recovering alcoholics find themselves experiencing occasionally or even frequently. It’s natural, and may even happen to someone who’s been sober for a couple of years.

The trick is to practice restraint and avoid giving in to the urge by using effective strategies. Here are a few things you should remember when the going gets tough.

The Reason You Stopped Drinking

There’s a reason why you stopped drinking, and there’s no better time to remember it than when you’re feeling the urge to take a sip of whiskey or drown down a can of beer.

Think of what it was that encouraged you to stay sober. Maybe you made your choice when you saw how it was affecting your relationships, or because you saw the effects of drinking on your health. Maybe you made a promise to your child that you’ll stay sober and be there for them. Whatever your motivation was to quit drinking, keep reminding yourself of it when you feel like your resolve is shaking.

The Hangovers

Come on; do you really want to deal with another hangover? You’ve witnessed firsthand how awful hangovers can be and how they impact your day. You don’t want to go through all of that again, do you?

When you feel the urge to drink creeping in, think back to the times you woke up with a splitting headache or nausea. Remind yourself of how it felt like living through the physical and psychological effects of a hangover. This will help you realize that having “just one” drink and putting yourself at risk of stumbling down that slippery slope simply isn’t worth it.

man experiencing a hangover That One Really Bad Drunken Instance

If you struggled with a drinking addiction, then you probably have a few unpleasant memories of you acting out of character. While you shouldn’t always be dwelling over your drunken mistakes and feeling guilty about things you couldn’t control during that time, sometimes a little retrospection can help.

If you’re unable to shake off the craving you’re experiencing, think back to the time you made a really bad decision because you were drunk, or when you let someone you love down. You don’t want to be in a position like that again! Thinking of instances like these can help you fight the urge to drink.

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