Do You and Your Partner Need Couples Counseling?
Do You and Your Partner Need Couples Counseling?

Every relationship has ups and downs. Infidelity, lack of trust, financial issues, dissatisfaction, and unrealistic expectations, these issues are common in relationships. However, how partners handle them can either rekindle and better their love or end the relationship. But as long as both partners are willing to work together to make their relationship work, they can solve any problem.

Often, partners need professional help to solve their relationship problems. In such instances, a couples counselor will come in handy. While most couples feel guilty and embarrassed that they can’t figure out a problem on their own, seeking couples counseling can be useful.

When sought at the right time, couples therapy can help improve communication and understanding, restore lost trust, resolve financial issues, and deepen connection and intimacy. Don’t wait until you’re at the end of the rope to start seeking couples counseling.

How do you know you need to seek professional help? Read on to learn the key signs you and your partner need to visit a couples counselor.

You’re Experiencing Communication Issues

One of the most common but lethal problems in a relationship is a lack of communication. Communication breakdown in relationships can result from trust issues, external trauma, physical intimacy issues, unhealthy behaviors, and keeping score.

When partners don’t communicate, they accumulate problems and resentments, which can worsen the relationship. With the grudge, restarting conversations for such a couple can be challenging and easily lead to conflicts.

If you and your partner have been experiencing a change in the frequency or quality of communication, a couples therapist can help. The professional will create a safe and controlled space where you can start talking to each other without airing all the negativity inside. Also, a counselor can advise you on how you’ll improve your speaking and listening skills to prevent similar problems in the future.

You Have Changes in Your Intimacy Life

A chronic lack of intimacy is one of the initial signals of a deteriorating relationship. If both of you are dispassionate about sex and your relationship has turned to co-existing, find a therapist to help. While it’s normal for a couple’s sex life to tail off with time, the changes shouldn’t be significant. If you no longer have intimate moments together or such moments feel cold, couple counseling can save your relationship.

A therapist will try to unearth the underlying issue and suggest how you can reignite your intimacy and improve your relationship.

Also, the therapist will offer a good environment where you and your partner can open up and communicate about your sex life. Thus, if your intimacy issues result from unmatched sex drives or one party wants to explore something the other party doesn’t, your therapist will help you find common ground.

You Want a Better Relationship

Contrary to popular belief, couples therapy isn’t only a last resort to save a failing marriage or relationship. A couples counselor can also help partners who don’t have any issues but want to improve their relationship. This professional can advise a couple on how to prepare for and handle significant life events, good or bad.

Some of these events include having a baby, changing careers, the loss of a loved one, or getting married. When life is taking such big turns, your stress levels may increase and cause communication issues or conflicts in the relationship.

Also, when you’re unprepared and unsure of what to do, certain actions or steps can adversely affect your relationship. As a preventative measure, couples seek counseling to handle an oncoming situation better and prevent relationship issues.

If you and your significant other feel your relationship can be better than currently, consider couples therapy. However, seek help from an experienced couples counselor who will help you solve your challenges and build a stronger, healthier relationship. If you need professional couple counseling services, reach out to Comprehensive Counseling Services.