Manage Your Emotional Triggers with These 3 Tips
Manage Your Emotional Triggers with These 3 Tips

Have you ever noticed how a certain topic, behavior, setting, or even a person evokes a strong emotional response within you? Suddenly, you find yourself feeling a variety of uncomfortable emotions that you’re unsure how to process.

This may be referred to as an emotional trigger. It may refer to anything that evokes an intense emotional response. Here’s how you can identify and manage your emotional triggers.

Own Your Feelings

Here’s the thing; you can’t really proceed to manage your emotional triggers unless you own your feelings and allow yourself to feel all those things that you’re feeling. Remember that your emotions and feelings are valid, and that it’s okay to feel a certain way even if you think you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t have to be made to think you’re stupid or petty by feeling angry, upset, or annoyed. Instead, you should accept your emotions and identify them.

Denying or neglecting your true feelings will only worsen things for you. If a family member’s behavior made you angry or you got irritated at a coworker because of something they said, you need to acknowledge your emotional response toward it before you can address it. This will help you manage your emotional triggers more effectively.

Keep a Journal

Another thing you can do to keep track of your emotions is maintaining a mood journal. This will allow you to note down your thoughts and feelings regarding different things or at different instances. In doing so, you’ll be able to identify specific patterns and pick up on emotional triggers.

For instance, you can use your journal to recall the last time you felt as anxious as you currently feel. This will help you identify the similarities between the two situations and give you a better insight into what things make you feel this way.

woman writing her thoughts in a journalTalk to a Therapist

Emotion regulation can be tricky. You may not always be able to identify your emotional triggers despite your best efforts. This is where a trained counselor can help you.

Talking to a certified therapist gives you a judgment-free space to acknowledge and discuss your feelings. They’ll be able to offer you guidance and help you learn and implement effective strategies that can be used for emotion regulation. From helping you identify your triggers to helping you address them; a therapist can provide you with the support you need.

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