Overcoming New Job Anxiety with These 3 Tips
Overcoming New Job Anxiety with These 3 Tips

The prospect of starting a new job is often as anxiety-inducing as it is exciting. Pre-work jitters are common and may last for a couple of days or even weeks into the new job.

Here’s how you can overcome new job anxiety.

Develop a New Routine

Having a routine really adds structure to your life. This can be especially helpful when you’ve just started a new job and are struggling with work-related anxiety. You may not know all your work responsibilities during the first couple of days and may still be figuring out work dynamics. Having a routine can help you feel more at ease and in control during this time.

For instance, let’s say your new routine involves you leaving your house at exactly 7.30 a.m., checking your email just as you’ve logged in, taking a lunch break at noon, and stepping out on the balcony for some fresh air half an hour before your shift officially ends. Of course, you may have to improvise during the day as per your work tasks, but having a sense of routine will help you feel more in charge than you may feel otherwise. This will also prevent you from feeling overly anxious throughout the day.

Engage with Your New Colleagues

We know; interacting with a bunch of new people can be rather intimidating, especially if they all happen to be more experienced than you are. For individuals with introverted personalities, this can be even more nerve-wracking. However, engaging with your colleagues and peers can actually help you fight off new job anxiety.

Here’s the thing; everyone at your new workplace was once the new employee. They’ve been in your shoes. If you’re struggling with a task or simply want to know more about the work environment, you can—and should—turn to your peers. This will help you get the support and encouragement you need to ease the new job jitters, and will also allow you to build a rapport with your fellow colleagues. And hey, wouldn’t it be so much better if you were to go in to work on your second or third day knowing that you have a few familiar faces you can turn to for help?

Don’t restrict yourself to your desk!

colleagues interacting at the workplaceAllow Yourself to Feel “A Little” Anxious

It’s also important to note that feeling a little anxious is not only natural, but also rather helpful. It helps you stay focused and keeps you engaged. This helps in boosting work performance. Normalize feeling a little anxious during your first few days on the new job and use it to your advantage.

That said, if the anxiety persists for several weeks, there may be other underlying factors involved. In this case, it’s best to reach out to a mental health counselor for anxiety treatment.

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