5 Signs Of Abusive Behavior You Need To Look Out For
5 Signs Of Abusive Behavior You Need To Look Out For

More than 10 million men and women experience physical abuse by an intimate partner every year in the United States.

Many of these people suffer from serious consequences as a result of this abuse such as injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, low self-esteem, fearfulness, and STDs.

Unfortunately, not many people know how to recognize the early signs of abuse and are unable to end relationships before it’s too late. Often, this is because the early warning signs of a potentially toxic person are not as obvious.

Here are some of the common behavioral traits and signs of potential abusers that you need to keep an eye out for to get away before the situation escalates:


One of the most common signs of an abuser is jealousy. At the beginning of the relationship, a potential abuser will justify their jealousy as a sign of their love and devotion to you. They might use that to keep tabs on where you go, who you talk to, and who you spend your time with. They will try to catch you in the act by dropping in unexpectedly at the place where you work or where you meet your friends.

Control Over Finances

An abusive partner will try to control your finances by keeping any cash or credit cards away from you. They might put you on an allowance and demand accountability of all your spending habits. They will also try to keep you from working lest you become financially independent. The control over finances is a tactic to keep you dependent on them for everything, giving them an upper hand in the relationship.

Social Isolation

Another warning sign of a potentially abusive relationship is that your partner will try to cut you off from your friends and family members and keep you isolated. They will make you ask them and get their permission if you want to go out with friends or visit family. They will also embarrass you in front of friends and family, so you’ll avoid seeing them again.

A woman with a sticky note on her face with an X on it to depict how domestic violence victims are often forced into silencePlays The Blame Game

A classic sign of an abuser is that they will also blame others for the problems in their life or their unacceptable behavior and will never take ownership of their actions. They will try to blame the blame on the victim for their shortcomings and try to manipulate them by making them feel guilty. Phrases like “look at what you made me do” or “you don’t care about me” are common manipulation tactics used by abusers.

Dual Personality

Potential abusers are masters of disguising their true personalities. They will appear to be charming and congenial in front of others but are prone to moodiness and explosive behavior when they are alone with their victim. It is quite common for friends and family members to be surprised to learn that someone was abusive because they have never seen that side of the abuser.

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